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Established in 2011 by Gaurav Parikh and Ketul Patel, Sunan Gems was born out of a shared passion for gemstones and a desire to bring our expertise to the international market.


We specialize in sourcing natural unheated and heated colored gemstones directly from suppliers and buyers in leading jewelry markets. Our collection includes a diverse range of gemstones with different qualities and prices. We are particularly known for our exceptional sapphires and rubies sourced from various gem-rich locations.

Our consistent assortment and strong sourcing capabilities ensure a reliable supply of high-quality gemstones.


Apart from our diverse range of market offerings, our dedicated team is committed to catering to your specific requirements. Our highly skilled staff is ready to provide exemplary services in the coloured stones market, offering a wide selection of gemstones that span from calibrated sizes to exquisite, gem-quality stones.

At Sunan Gems, we pride ourselves on professionalism, authenticity, and trustworthiness  in dealing with precious and semi-precious stones. As proud members of the Thai Gems & Jewelry Traders Association (TGJTA),

we leverage our prolonged expertise and extensive product knowledge to cater to your luxury needs.

Whether you're seeking loose stones for jewelry settings or fulfilling your unique requirements,

SUNAN GEMS is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality gemstones at the most reasonable prices.


We invite you to give us the opportunity to showcase our commitment to

providing you with the most satisfactory gemstone experience.

Working With the Best Members and Partners

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